The State Of The Texas Education Policy

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The current state of the Texas education policy is very complex and its roots can be traced all the way back to times were there was no equality in the public school system, we can even say it can be traced as far back to the state’s split from Mexico. This was a very problematic situation that began to be reformed heavily starting in 1954. The legislations that passed to resolve this problem have morphed the Texas Public education policy into what it is today. It was because of the split from Mexico that Texas created the Constitution of the Republic of Texas, which included a clause in it that established a public school system, but it wasn’t successful in achieving that goal until 1954 when a bill was passed. This plan was to be…show more content…
They were in charge of creating policies for Texas public education, choosing a budget, making rules for school accreditation, and being in control of agreements for supplying the public schools (i.e. textbooks). They also had the right to choose a commission of education, whom would serve for, four years and would become the chief executive officer for the TEA. While the Texas public school system may not be segregated now it took a lot of court cases to get there due to Texas past as a highly segregated state. While this is the route that Texas takes, the United States simply takes the route of creating acts such as Race and National Origin Discrimination. Desegregation has been a troubling issue in not only the Texas public school system but also the United States as a whole. However, they have had to two totally different ways to handle this situation. Under the Texas Constitution separation of races was not wronged. This all change after a very controversial court case, Plessy vs. Ferguson and continued to reform by way of court decisions. The Plessy vs. Ferguson case decided that facilities could be segregated, but they must be “equal”. Texas being the highly racist state that it was at the time found loopholes around this judgment. Many of the schools for “colored” didn’t have enough supplies, outdated textbooks and underpaid and not very well
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