Texas Salary Analysis

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According to comparing table of Texas in education area with other states in US, I see that Texas was ranked in the low stage generally, excepting public school enrollment. Texas government invests a great number of money into public school in order to support Texas citizens’ tuition. The hierarchy of Texas will effect negatively to society, economy, and policy in the future. The proportion of people over twenty-five years old in the state having high school diplomas was ranked fiftieth in US. This number shows that the number of Texans having high school certification is very low leading to have a poor ability human resource to companies and government organizations in the future. Poor skills will not produce high quality productions or manage companies …show more content…

This is one of reasons why students have low score in SAT. Students are hard to have scholarship with these score; so that they have to pay full tuition while they have a lot of bills to pay. As a consequence, they have to give up their student life or expand their study time in school to work in order to support to their families. This also leads to have a poor ability human resources in society. Moreover, the proportion of teenage birth rate in Texas is very high. Woman from fifteen to nineteen years old have kids; however, they do not have enough age to work with high salary while having to pay a lot statements such as life fee, and fee to take care their children. Because of lacking money, they have to sacrifice the chance to go to school, or do something illegally that leads to insecurity in society. This results are the domino affects that we should worry about. The authorities should make solution to deal with these results, exactly prevent this situation expanding in the future. I come from Vietnam that is a small country in Asia, and has many poor

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