How the Wrigley Company Became One of the Most Recognized Companies in the World

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The Wrigley Company The Wrigley Company In this paper I will discuss the Wrigley Company and how it became one of the most recognized and largest branded companies in the world. When you think of Wrigley people tend to think of the gum products it is now for, as well as the commercials we all have grown to love over the years. Remember the double mint twins, what about, Juicy fruit, even big red- all are a part of the every expanding brand of Wrigley. One of the many achievements the company can tip its hat too is being able to say that it lead all gross product sales in the year of 2007. This is a major accomplishment considering that the US is one of the largest consumers on the planet- so the competition is fierce. But overall…show more content…
This was all taking place during a time where hope, ambition, where all but a memory- as during the Great Depression he took the company one step further, continuing to push the envelope by setting minimum wage levels high enough that his workers could make a decent living and live with dignity- not to mention Financial Security. This was considered a very risky move as increasing the company’s bottom line was his fellow management teams focus, but William was ahead of the curve and knew that a happy worker is a better worker and the move productivity you would get out of that worker in return. So he knew the return on his investment would pay dividends for years if not decades to come. Wrigley took chances in order to make it the success it is, he even has a baseball field named after him. Wrigley began to expand to such items as lifesavers candies which also came in an assortment of flavors, which was purchased from Kraft products. Wrigley mission and value statements are what make them one of the greatest companies in our history along with Kraft and Johnson & Johnson and Budweiser. Wrigley offerings include mostly consumable products which are the backbone force its consistent success. Now that the back story has been adequately explained, we will go into evaluating the financial leverage and liquidity of the Wrigley Company. If a firm wants to be profitable it must link key success factors with its key accounting policies. One of Wrigley’s key success

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