How to Apply for a Visa to the USA from Nairobi-Kenya

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How to Apply For a Visa to the USA from Nairobi-Kenya If I were to travel to the USA from Nairobi Kenya, then this is the real process that I would have to follow as stipulated by Embassy of the United States-Nairobi (2012); 1. I would have to book an appointment with the embassy first. The interviews for the Visa are conducted from Monday to Friday only, and the last Wednesday of each month their offices do not offer this service as well, so these are the days I have to fix my application into. I then will have to have a valid passport that has to be at least six months valid from the time I intend to come back to Kenya. I need to have a completed for called Form DS-160 in full and it is only done online. I need then to submit a passport sized photograph alongside the form online. I also need to pay some fee for the application that is not refundable. It is at this point that is my application is duly filled in that I will be called for and interview with the embassy officials. Here my fate on whether I qualify or not will be determined. Illegal immigration The aspect of illegal immigration has the negative impacts that re hard to reverse. Among the challenges that USA faces because of the open border system are: (A). Poverty: according to the Centre for Immigration Studies (CIS) (2001), the immigration from Mexico and other parts of the world just piles more unskilled labor into the already existing one among the Americans themselves. This results
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