How to Combat the Effects of Violent Video Games Playing on Children

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How to Combat the Effects of Violent Video Game Playing on Children “Stay alive at all costs! Kill the bad guys! Head shot!” These are just some examples of the dialogue spoken amongst children who play violent video games such as Call of Duty and Halo. Twenty years ago, this would not be the typical game play dialogue amongst children, but with the surge of popularity of violent video games this is now becoming the norm. Playing these violent video games is just another way to pass time on a Saturday morning or an afternoon after school. However, this pastime comes with repercussions. Studies have shown that consistently playing violent video games leads to psychological, mental, and social disturbances in children. Some extreme cases of …show more content…

Once you’re emotionally numb to violence, it’s much easier to engage in violence.” (Englander, 2003) Exposure to violence is inevitable, whether it be through the news, daily life, or first-hand accounts. However, the glorification of violence in video games is detrimental to a child’s mental state. However, there is a government system that parents can take advantage of to familiarize themselves with the violent content of video games The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) system was created as a result of growing concern over the vending of violent video games to children. The ESRB system has three main components: a rating category specifying what age group the game is appropriate for, a content description indicating why the rating was given, and disclosure of information about whether personal data has the possibility of being shared. The two components that parents should familiarize themselves with are the rating categories and the content descriptions. The rating categories are divided into seven rankings: “C” for early childhood, “E” for everyone, “E10+” for children over the age of 10, “T” for children ages 13 and up, “M” for ages 17 & up, “A” for adults 18 and up, and “RP” meaning that a final rating has yet to be administered. By checking the rating category, parents can confirm

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