How to Find the Perfect Roommate

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Facing the fact that you have to find the "perfect" roommate you have to make a decision about what the ideal roommate would be for you. Just because you are best friends with someone or your friend suggested that you live with them doesn't necessarily mean that they will be the ideal roommate for you. If you have determined what you are looking for in a roommate you can begin your search.

You would first have to go through all of your friends to see if they were looking for a place to stay. The first step should always be asking your friends or people you know if they are looking for a place or if they know someone who is. If you already recognize the person, or know someone who will give their word for them, then the procedure of …show more content…

Another disadvantage would be that the roommate would be unreliable. They could be late on their half of the bill. Which is why I said, make sure you monitor their spending habits. Maybe they spent their money for something they didn’t need. It would be understandable if they used the money to fix their car, or for a doctor bill. If they spent their money on things like; a game that cost $40, restaurant food every night, or even a cell phone, when they already have a perfectly

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