Howard Gardner's Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.
A human’s capacity to learn new skills has been researched and studied over the years.
Everyone is unique and therefore hard to put into one simple category. Gardner’s theory of
Multiple Intelligences is one example of the possible ways a human can learn and comprehend their world. In his theory, Gardner has described 8 different capacities of learning ability. In applying his theory, personalized education could be created to tailor to everyone’s needs.
Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983, a way to explain and understand human intelligence. The theory shows the many ways one can process, learn, and remember information. Gardner states there are eight types of intelligences
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Bodily intelligences tend to become dancers, builders, or actors.
Linguistic-verbal intelligence is the ability to use words well. These individuals are good at memorizing written and spoken information, great at persuasive speeches, and great storytellers. Career choices are usually writer, lawyer, or teacher. Musical learners can think in rhythm and sounds. They appreciate music and tend to enjoy singing or playing instruments. They become musicians, composter, singers, or conductors. The naturalistic find patterns and relationships to nature. This intelligence is a more recent addition to Gardner’s theory. Those who are strong in this area are highly aware of changes in their environments. They enjoy the outdoors and would enjoy being a biologist, gardener, or farmer. Logical-mathematical thinkers analyze complex problems. They would thrive as scientist, mathematicians, engineers, or accountants because of their ability to conduct experiments, solve problems, and understand numbers. Gardner states that educational methods should be created and adjusted to be more flexible for students and using the theory of multiple intelligences, benefits would be seen for students, teachers, and society. Gardner also suggests that all intelligences are needed to productively function in society. He also believes that IQ tests cannot fully test a person’s intelligence. Using Gardner’s theory, teachers could provide different methods of teaching that could be
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