Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence

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A theory that was developed by Howard Gardner to increase the knowledge of humans to include such as logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist ,linguistic and musical intelligences.Logical-mathematical is define as the ability to recognize different and solve them. A person who has this learning style has the ability to understand numbers well and solve logical concepts. They also have the ability to see numerical and logical patterns. A logical-mathematical person has highly developed reasoning skills, and has an understanding of analysis and functions. People with logical-mathematical intelligences learned best when they are taught using visual aids, hands-on activities, and computers.…show more content…
The characteristics of a person with this learning style is they are introverted. They rather work alone than with others. They also enjoy time thinking and reflecting on different situations. These learners like learning about the self. One way that I can identify these learners in my classroom is by they like to write in journals. Another one way they are prefer working alone rather in groups. There are many occupations that people with this intelligence can have, but one is writer. They also can be an entrepreneur like Oprah Winfery, who is a famous person with this intelligence. One thing I can do to help these students out is encourage them to write in their journals and used it as a positive outlet to express his or her feelings. With this theory, students learn to value their own strengths and weaknesses.Naturalist intelligence is define as person who is in tune with nature and like spending outdoors exploring different plants and animals. Some characteristics of learners with this learning style are they are good at categorizing and cataloging information, they enjoy camping and gardening, and their favorite subjects are biology and botany. These students are the one usually looking at objects under the microscope, and are comfortable being outdoors. The potential career opportunities for these learners are biologist, gardener, and farmer. A famous person with this
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