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Compensation Package Analysis Organization: Majestic Hotel Saigon, Vietnam Job tile: Front Desk Manager The Majestic Hotel, which is a five-starts luxury that achieved through attention to details and complete comfort that ensuring through out courteous services. Since 1925, Majestic Hotel has occupied one of the finest locations in Saigon, where our guests can enjoy the stunning views of Saigon River as well as the elegance of columned and arched classical French colonial design glorify the Golden Age of architecture (Majestic Saigon, 2013). It has gone through several reincarnations over years with many changes that reflect the tumultuous history of Vietnam during World War II and it wad frequented by foreign correspondents and…show more content…
Then, my annual salary after 20% tax is $12,360 (i.e. 1,125 – [($1,125 - $250) x 20%) - $80] = $1,030 x 12 =$12,360). The tax is quite high if compared to the salary in market surveys; this is because the tax is the main source of the state budge as a common knowledge (Personal Income Tax, 2013). From my perspective, I would expect to have overtime, vacations and unemployment insurance that add on into my salary package. It will motivate me on my job performance; increase my productivity as well as being more creative and willingness to take risks. For the superfluous issue, I would recommend to add equivalent of money into my tuition reimbursement instead of the parking reimbursement because most of the employees do not have car and their main transportation is motorbike. My salary package is little high if compared to the total compensation available of my position in my industry as it depends on the skills, knowledge, effort and working conditions (different ranging of hotel, employee will receive a different salary). Thus, it will be hard to trace the bonuses, as the company will reward employee by cash, and of course it will be different each year. Being a Font Desk Manager, which seems as the hotel’s ‘face’ and represent the hotel in
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