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HTC3 - Reading Response
Week 01
Student: Clara Calista
Instructor: Felix Raspall

Text 1: Mechanization Takes Command – Anonymous History, Siegfried Giedion, 1955
In this part of the text, Giedion focuses on the interconnecting relationship between the political, economic, and sociological trend of our time-particularly between 18th to 20th century (the time of industrial revolution). He questions how they came about, along with the historical events that causes them to exist and develop. He begins with explaining that every object in our daily lives has a crucial impact on our behavior. However, our attitude is the leading cause of invention of those objects; creating a loop of action and reaction processes that drives the development of human history (in this case, mechanization in technological advancement). It seems that Giedion focuses more on the impact from mechanization on basic human needs, such as furniture fabrication and household system, in addition to procreation of plants and animals.
Text 2: Technics and Civilization, Lewis Mumford and Langdon Winner, 2010
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He sees industrial revolution as “a crossing of bifurcation where previous autocatalytic dynamics came to form a self-sustaining autocatalytic loop”. Thus it is not really a revolution as other systems have existed even before the 18th century. He also questions whether mass-producing is really the best outcome of this ‘revolution’, as there are several complications that rose as the result. De Landa focuses mainly on the technological advances in coal energy utilization and metallization that took place in UK which makes it the lead in this industrialization process, and how US finally took it over as the future evolution of

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