Hubspot Case

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Problem Statement Hubspot’S Challenge: Hubspot emphasizes that it will do only INBOUND marketing. That is the real problem and hence Hubspot’s real problem is the business strategy and not the marketing strategy. Inbound marketing cannot be a stand-alone strategy for a company but since Hubspot champions it, it has in effect cornered itself. Problem with Inbound is , it is a “carpet-bombing” air-war scheme which works in limited mode but in reality market demands “more targeted” ground-war scheme to break through the clutter. This means delivering high quality content to “right” audience and not just to everyone. You also have to do it across multiple channels, which may smell of some “outbound” marketing strategies like phone, direct…show more content…
Customers don’t seem to see enough value in Hubspot’s inbound marketing and that explains churn rate and cancellations. Marketing departments of large customers are missing from segments. Customer Type Definition Skills Customer Needs Ease of Customer

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