Huffing And Puffing, I Made My Way Through The Crowded

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Huffing and puffing, I made my way through the crowded halls. Dashing through the students like a driver avoiding the orange cones. There was no way I could be tardy to 7th period English class. My English classroom was room 207 which was on the other side of the Earth. During lunch I played basketball with my friends and we hooped until the bell rang, causing me to be late all the time. Not only was I running so I would not be late, but to dry off the sweat as I ran. Just as I could see the door, and was merely 5 feet away. The bell goes off. “Beeeep!” Before even stepping a foot through the door, an echoed voice in the class said. “Name on the board, David”. Everyone who came tardy had to stay in after school for ten minutes. I…show more content…
There wasn’t a day that the girls in the class didn’t ask her about their outfit, always admiring what she wore. I do admit there was something that made kids gravity to Mrs. Bradley, it was the sound that came out of her mouth. Every word, sentence, story, she spoke was a song full with melody. As the long figure shadow appears beside me, my essay floated down from her hand. Immediately I saw my paper covered in red lines. I turned the pages to the last one where Mrs. Bradley left the grade. For some reason, the shock of receiving another C- got to me. This essay wasn’t like the rest, the ideas and arguments made in the essay were strong. How could this essay not get at least a B. Next to the grade she left a comment, “Please see me about your paper.” Other days I would have ignored it and just left after class but today my name was on the board. There was no escaping Mrs. Bradley. The rest of the class period was a complete blur. The only thing on my mind was what she wanted to talk about. This wasn’t the first essay assigned and all of the previous essays I had received the same score. Could it be that she thought I plagiarized something? What could she possibly want to talk about? The bell finally rang. All of the students rose and headed out the door. Similar to a farmer ringing a bell and the cattle coming in to eat. I was the only

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