Human And Natural Drivers Of Climate Change

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Climate Change in relation to Architecture
Tallis Holloway - s5015034
There are many human and natural drivers of climate change, cities and buildings in particular are increasingly affected by risks linked to rapid environmental changes and their impact themselves on the atmosphere however architect 's can help limit many contributing factors. This paper examines the role of this profession, architecture 's contribution to climate change mitigation/adaption and how architect 's can assist in limiting the threat of global warming thus enforcing sustainability.
Architect 's provide information to clients and management about design, size, materials and costs associated with new buildings and alterations to existing buildings. They further associate with compiling and analysing data on economic, legal, political, cultural, demographic, sociological, physical and environmental factors affecting land use (ANZSCO 2009, 'Minor Group ' 232).
The role of this profession and the management of new sustainable buildings can manage the alterations to the climatic equilibrium, thus contribute to mitigate and adapt to these shifting conditions.
Building 's trigger large amounts of CO2, causing them to consequently contribute a vast majority of the energy consumption worldwide , however new advanced design strategies and sustainable technologies can be incorporated into existing/new building 's in order to decrease emissions, mitigating long-term impacts and adapt to short-term to the

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