Human Behavior And The Social Environment

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Case Study #1: The Kapur Catastrophe
Allison Dufour
Human Behavior and The Social Environment
Christie Mosley-Eckler, LMSW
University of Texas at Arlington
October 30, 2015

Case Study #1: The Kapur Catastrophe
After much anticipation, the Kapur family moved back to their hometown of Colley, Maine. The father, Nev Kapur, just finished serving five years in the military and accepted a full-time job as an information technician for a local business. The family agrees it would be best for the mother, Amanda Kapur, to stay home and take care of their three-year-old twin daughters Nia and Maya. It is important to the Kapur family to have a parent stay at home because the twin daughters were born 7 weeks prematurely, leading to some cognitive and physical impairments to Nia. Nia has recently learned to walk, but she is still unable to speak smoothly. She uses some sign language and small words to communicate her wants and needs to family members. Although it makes things tighter financially, both parents agree it is the best way to help Nia advance physically and cognitively. All was going well until Nev Kapur’s father suddenly passed away from a brain aneurism. Nev immediately told his mother Riya she could move into the third bedroom of their home for as long as she’d like. This quick move in has lead to a number of strains on the family. Nev is still dealing with the painful loss of his father while working his full-time job. Amanda is having a difficult
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