Human Beings are Evil: Golding's Lord of the Flies Essay

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Humankind’s Greatest Faults Although humankind attempts its best at preventing evil actions, eventually evil rises above all else. While humans are living ordinary lives and living in ignorance, evil is always scheming and waiting to slide up behind the turned backs of society as depicted in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. One could argue that this is not the case and that good deeds always overshadow evil and that evil is just an occasional blip. However, what one’s opinion of society does not outshine the cold hard facts of humankind’s natural tendencies; specifically, how things are never as they seem, how easily humans can betray their emotions and how humans choose to ignore difficult situations in the search for an easy …show more content…

That is when the boys realize that those consequences were indeed very traumatic, for a little boy with a mulberry mark on his face was missing from the gathering, and although they didn’t know it then, never to be seen again. This is very similar to how humans underestimate the consequences of their actions and how those actions can easily slide from good to evil and how little time it takes to happen. For example, at the beginning of the novel, Jack is intent on being a leader and a role model in an ethical and respectable way but, in the course of a couple months, he transformed from the person who was ready to run things diplomatically, to a crazed anarchist whose main focus are blood and control. Directly linking to fire, fire is thirsty for wood and oxygen as well as to dominate and control everything that it can touch. Fire, like many things is forever changing and never trustworthy therefore, trust in anything is questionable, for nothing truly is exactly as it seems. At the first sign of threat humans tend to react by preparing themselves and doing what’s best for them. Sam and Eric prove this nearer to the end of the novel when they switch sides: Ralph to Jack, good to evil. The twins, at the beginning, are set on what is right and how the fire is most important, Ralph’s views and opinions. They firmly believe in the way that Ralph is running his part of the island, until they are threatened. When Jack’s tribe is able to

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