Essay on Human Cloning

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Would clones understand themselves as creations or copies? Would cloning undermine the conception of a human being’s individuality? (Medicines’ Brave New World) Those are two of the most questioned aspects of human cloning. Everyone always wants to be their own person and have their own thought, basically, be as original as they can be. How original can you get when there’s someone out there thinking, doing, and looking exactly like you? Not very original, if you ask me. Human cloning, cloning of any kind, has been looked at as being creepy, scary, immoral, and in the most dismal way, exciting. Cloning of humans should be prohibited because it is offensive to the human life and religion.

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In the past, animal cloning experiments has dealt scientists with grotesque and disastrous outcomes. The cloned animals had either been born with serious defects and/or deformities. The main task that needs to be taken care of before the thought human cloning even steps into the picture is that of dealing with this major setback. It took 277 attempts to produce Dolly, and apparently Dolly is normal. It's easy to just brush off the fact that a baby lamb was born with malformations or genetic defects. It's easy to just dump the failed experiment and not worry about the consequences. How are we to do this if it were done to the human population? What would happen to the 277 other failed experiments produced before that one success? More than 277 embryos, the start of 277 human beings, would die for the sake of just one embryo that would have the same DNA as some one else.

Human cloning would be means of degrading the character of the human race. It tests the boundaries of a humans way of being valuable and unique. Cloning a human would take away a person's identity. All humans are guaranteed their own personality without barriers. The right to be yourself will be breached by the fact that everything you thought was yours will be given to back someone else's genetic identity. It's important to know that personality is not bounded in someone's genes, but that the

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