Human Cloning Is A Good Tool Essay

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Linda Ding
Dr. Beatty
English II
5th period
November 15, 2016
Human cloning
“ Of one is seriously interested in preventing reproductive cloning, one must stop the process before it starts”( Kass). When I was a little girl, I watched a movie, which was about the world that had another “me”. I cannot imagine what will happen if there is another “ me” in the world, life will be out of control! There is another girl likes everything I like, she is the most familiar person for me in the world, she is also a stranger. Since there was the first cloned animal, Dolly, in the world, people began to think about the possibility to clone people. There are two different part of people: some of them think that human cloning is a good technique to improve people 's lives and it is also a good new step for people to research a new area; the other part of people support that human cloning is dangerous and not ethic, human cloning is not an area that people should search. Human cloning is a dangerous technique, it opposes God 's faith, it can cause social disorder and it is not a proven technique.
In the world, we cannot decide what is absolute wrong or what is absolute right, but in religion, we can. God can help us to decide what is the truth. God 's doctrine is the only truth in the world. After there are cloned animals in the world, people began to think about human cloning. Some people support human cloning because there are already animal cloning, they think that if there is animal

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