Human Cloning Is Justified?

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Junior Research Paper: Human Cloning is Justified Imagine a world where disease was non-existent, long term injuries could be healed in half the time, a world where our life spans could be greatened to an extent never seen before by man. This could be achieved with the cloning of humans, artificial cloning is the next evolutionary step for mankind.Although many would claim human cloning is unethical and dangerous, there are procedures at hand currently that are far from that. The act of human cloning allows for treatment of otherwise incurable diseases, new medical recovery rates, as well as allow technology to advance exponentially. Human cloning is categorized into three main groups:genetic cloning, reproductive cloning, and …show more content…

Human clonings first beneficial factor, and many consider most important, is its ability to cure otherwise incurable diseases such as leukemia or cancer. According to Jane Marshall, a writer for explorestemcells,” Therapeutic cloning is capable is capable of brain treatment with no medical items such as alzheimer 's could be cured, with people deemed vegetables could be cured and allowed a better life.” With 1.6 million in 2017 having cancer, it is no wonder the demand for cloning is so high, as lung and stomach cancers are becoming more and more common in the younger generations. The main problem with these two cancers, specifically is that they aren’t treatable, as using chemotherapy, the most common counter to cancer in terms of cost effectiveness can’t effectively kill off the virus in question. However, cloning may be a potential solution to these problems as the tumors or organ misshaping formed from the cancer can be disregarded entirely with a new organ, for example a stomach. With this, it would be plausible to eliminate cancer at a much more successful, but most importantly safer tactic. A severe problem facing the near future, isn 't the cancer itself, but the abundance of it, as in the year 2030, 45 percent of the population will have or had some form of cancer, with populations increasing by only 19 percent. This means that cancer incidents have more than doubled in a span of just 13 years. Not only could cloning allow a potential cure for an otherwise

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