Should Human Cloning Be Pursued? Essay

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Unlike some movies, cloning in real life doesn’t produce a full grown exact replica of someone. A type of cloning that occurs naturally is when identical twins are born (“What Is Cloning?”). Somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) is a type of cloning that has to be done in a lab. In SCNT they take the nucleolus out of an egg cell, replace it with the nucleolus of a somatic cell (body cell with two complete sets of chromosomes), and make the egg cell divide into a blastocyst (“What Is Cloning?”).
There are two main controversial types of cloning that come from SCNT which are reproductive and therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning involves the creation of another life and should be banned. “In therapeutic cloning … there [is no] implantation into the uterus to create a child” (Murnaghan). It is used to create stem cells for medical use and can save lives. The medical possibilities of stem cells are immense and definitely should be pursued with caution.

People who want to pursue reproductive cloning mainly want to do so for infertility reasons. For some people that have trouble conceiving a child and desperately want one, reproductive cloning would be a godsend. “If doctors could make many identical copies of an embryo, they could avoid having to give women powerful drugs, month after month, to force their ovaries to pump out multiple eggs” (Kolata). This would save time and money. Cloning also would provide an option for someone who wants a child genetically related…