Human Cloning Should Not Be Banned

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In 1997, Dolly, a successfully cloned sheep was born, forever opening the eyes of scientists in the world of cloning. However due to unforeseen medical conditions she lived a short life, being put down due to progressive lung disease and arthritis at the early age of six years old. Ever since Dolly the sheep, it has been discussed in the scientific community whether or not human cloning is possible, let alone a good idea. Though there are many people who are in favor of such scientific abominations, there are still many who disagree and see the true evil. Within the many faults involved in human cloning, there are moral reasons it should be banned such as, it being against nature, religious activists would revolt, and uncertain results which would result in health problems/distant or immediate death. Along with the moral reasons, there are also several issues with the economy and food availability such as economic debt, overpopulation, and food scarcity.
Cloning is unnecessary, we as humans have the ability reproduce on our own thus having an endless population already. Having the ability to clone would make sex unnecessary considering the primary purpose of sex is to continue on the human race. Cloning also takes away from the whole circle of life scenario. If a human who was important to civilization was to die and cloning was available, we as the ignorant humans we are would choose to reincarnate them, thus ending the essence of “death”. Seeming as though as long as we…
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