Human Cloning Should Not Be Banned

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In 1997, Dolly, a successfully cloned sheep was born, forever opening the eyes of scientists in the world of cloning. However due to unforeseen medical conditions she lived a short life, being put down due to progressive lung disease and arthritis at the early age of six years old. Ever since Dolly the sheep, it has been discussed in the scientific community whether or not human cloning is possible, let alone a good idea. Though there are many people who are in favor of such scientific abominations, there are still many who disagree and see the true evil. Within the many faults involved in human cloning, there are moral reasons it should be banned such as, it being against nature, religious activists would revolt, and uncertain results…show more content…
It is said that the human population will reach eleven billion by the year 2100. We are quickly becoming overpopulated and with creating human clones, we will surely reach that number much sooner, making our population far much worse than it already is. Cloning would be a definite aid to overpopulation. Overpopulation is a problem because it causes us to exhaust our natural resources. With more lifeforms being created we would all require the same, if not more, nutrients. As a civilization now, we are currently running thin on basic needs such as food, water, and oil. Clones would be competing with humans for natural resources and the rate of consumption will not keep up with rate of production. Overpopulation would lead to the cease of human existence by diminishing the valuable natural resources we require to survive. Science is known to push boundaries and having no limits. In science there are no “laws” or anything that scientists can’t do with their technology. Which is quite frightening when thought about. Scientists are willing to go as far as their minds can possibly take them just for a new invention or idea for an experiment. Project Artichoke would be a perfect example of scientists urge to do as they wish. Project Artichoke was a mind control project taken place in the 1950s which scientists wanted to see if they could get another individual to do their bidding against their
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