Human-Computer Interaction

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Technology is the key to the future. In order for technology to be efficient and effective in healthcare, Human-Computer Interaction has to play a major role. New software is currently being implemented in the hospital setting and many unintentional errors are beginning to arise. These unintentional errors lead healthcare providers to find workarounds. In order to understand why Human-Computer Interaction is so important I will discuss what Human-Computer Interaction is, my personal experience using it, and the procedures put into place to make improvements. Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is important to nursing informatics. Technology is designed to improve the delivery of care by helping healthcare providers complete various tasks in a variety of settings. In order to complete tasks, technology must be effective and efficient to promote safety to the users and patients. Feedback plays an important role in evaluating HCI. With feedback improvements to the structure and policies, changes can be made to meet tasks safely and effectively. The usability and ergonomics of technology is important to delivering safe care to patients. Usability is defined as “the ease with which people can use an interface to achieve a particular goal.” Usability is one of the fundamental interests to INS. It is important for healthcare providers to use an application with ease and speed without error. This approach allows an INS determines which system or application would be best on the
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