Human Development : A Simple Farmer Or Hunter Gatherer

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Man has developed far beyond his humble beginning as a simple farmer or hunter gatherer. We have innovated, globalized and expanded our knowledge in many different areas in science and technology and with these expansions have changed our societies and world forever; most of them in a positive light. However, has our vast human development inhibited us from our basic duties and social responsibility to each other. Have we forgotten simply to care for each other and acknowledge each other as one species; made in His image with a fundamental goodness that must be met in order to obtain absolute love and truth. Has the charity between man and neighbor been forgotten?
In modern translation, it is acceptable to replace charity with love and vise versa, however, the modern translation of these words have been diluted from their original scriptural meanings. The Greeks had four words for “love”. Agape, which was used to identify love that was selflessly committed to the well-being of another, while phileo (brotherly-love), eros (romantic love) and storge (fondness) we used to describe the inner affections. When the word agape was used in the context of vertical action (God towards man and/or man towards God), it is translated as “love.” However, when the word agape is used in the context of horizontal action (person to person), it is translated as charity. In modern translations, love has become more of an abstract passivity than its original meaning; we have mentally equated it to

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