Human Ethics, Morals, And Identity

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Since the creation of technology, it has undoubtedly influenced human ethics, morals, and identity. Technology has generated various types of social movements while reshaping human’s perceptions on how they view life. The component that are responsible for evolution is those of labor, curiosity, and inquisitive minds. Within such process that have been implemented through technology, artificial intelligence has been invented to assist humans in those processes (Stuart & Norvig). However, there is a question in regards to artificial intelligence. That question consists of: Will artificial intelligence pose a threat to the ethics and morals of humans? As this question becomes an advocate for an argument. Here is an elaboration in which …show more content…

The millions of moves that a robot can think of would be merely impossible for a human to think of. Manmade brainpower has altered the universe of business, gaming, the scholarly world, drug, climate gauging, controlling flights among different fields (Cohen). It is undeniable that the usage and fuse of manmade brainpower in PC upset has achieved more prominent effects into individuals ' lives. Numerous associations with their diverse needs have profited from this upset. The military for instance has possessed the capacity to plan robots to get to remote zones that are difficult to reach and hazardous to the lives of activists (Cohen). Artificial intelligence is an expert system in which exhibits machines that are programmed by humans and acts under the authority of its creator. Such systems and programs range in various shapes and sizes while conducting various methods of exercises as to how or what the machine was taught to do to assist humans in various fields including the military, automation, as well as a maid working in a household (Stuart & Norvig). The mere progression of artificial intelligence doesn’t only follow orders given by the human in which created it, but also learns how to reason on its own. The distinctive characteristics and features allows artificial intelligence programs and robots to gain the ability to learn, reason,

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