Human Growth Hormone Is A Big Problem Essay

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School will be used. Human growth hormone is a small protein which is made by the pituitary gland and is then sent into the bloodstream (Harvard Medical School). Human growth hormone is a prescription drug that is given through an injection (Harvard Medical School). Some people take human growth hormone as a precaution for a deficiency in the amount of growth hormone they have in their body. When people get these injections, they have “better protection from fractures, increased muscle mass, and improved energy” (Harvard Medical School). Consequently, those people take it for low growth hormone, but most athletes just take it to improve their muscle mass. Athletes doping on human growth hormone is a big problem which is why Major League Baseball has put a ban on it, but if they look at studies that have been done they would see that human growth hormone does not improve athlete’s performance. In California, a study was done on human growth hormone where people received an injection of the steroid for twenty days. Once, the study was done it was proved that when given a daily dose human growth hormone over that time a person gained an average of 4.6 pounds of lean muscle (Harvard Medical School). This shows that human growth hormone does have some impact on the body, but it does not make a person completely transform their body all at once. Moreover, even though they gained lean muscle, the study also proved that the hormone did not improve their athletic performance…
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