Human Health, Wellbeing, And Survival Essay

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“Culture and care together are predicted to be powerful theoretical constructs essential to human health, wellbeing, and survival. In depth knowledge of the specific culture care values, beliefs, and lifeways of human beings within life’s experiences is held as important to unlock a wealth of new knowledge for nursing and health practices”( Leininger, 2008) . My friend said white culture, beliefs, values and lifeways includes:- independence, work oriented, doesn’t want any governmental interference, would like to take care of their own, don’t want to admit they need help- they have a strong sense of pride, respecting seniors and not sharing things among family members, wanting easy life. Knowing about her culture and values she doesn’t like nurses and any other people to tell her what is good and bad for her. She wants to take her own decision. Good care for her is the conventional method, like going to the physician listening to them and following their advice unlike Hispanic culture, she added. On answering the spiritual question she stated she doesn’t has much to say about it. They don’t have any rituals, just a prayers and going to church. She said she is highly dependent in technology like Laptop, I-pad and I-phone are her gadgets that she can’t live without it as she relies in it a lot. For e.g. she uses pedometer apps to count how many steps she walks each day. In the hospital she thinks Electronic Medical Service, Medi-tech are the high tech modern appliances to
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