Human Nature And Evil In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Human beings are brought into the world not knowing the difference between right and wrong. They test limits, have evil thoughts, and say horrible words, the result of this can be easily summed up to one simple phrase; Human beings are naturally born evil. If human beings were brought into the world with naturally good instincts, they would never have the feeling of remorse or guilt, so why can they feel it anyway? This is because human beings posses malicious thoughts no matter how they were raised. By saying this, it proves the major point that Golding expresses, in his novel Lord of the Flies. His theory is that children are boring with the ability to do evil and be evil without someone there to stop them. In the novel Golding remarkably expresses his theory through boys who are on a deserted island. The ending result was fire, intentional murder, and above all else, savagery, but this is what ends up keeping the surviving boys alive. Golding's book expressed that everyone is born savage and remains in that state until they die. No matter what circumstances a person has been born into, human beings have natural everlasting evil instincts, resulting into the key of savagery, but this, perhaps is what keeps society functioning. Humans have created a society where being civilized will always be shown as the shell of humanity, but deep down inside each individual exists evil instinct. This thought is portrayed in the novel by a young boy who states “What I mean

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