Human Nature: Good Or Evil? Essay

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Human Nature: Good or Evil?

Many things can be said about the gallons of blood, miles of entrails and

seemingly endless array of bones, muscles and other fascinating odds and ends that we

call our human bodies. For instance, as you break down the body into different

categories each part can be examined endlessly. Such can be said about a very intricate

part of the body. This is the most important part and without it the rest of the body would

have no direct, this part is the brain. The brain contains many chambers, ones that trigger

memories, hunger, sexual arousal, and so forth. However, there is one part of the brain

that is rather ambiguous to human being. This section of the brain is where
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His human nature told him to lead, to

be strong and sway the German majority his way, and I must say good or evil he was a

very strong and powerful leader. Some would argue that past experience had molded him

to hate the imperfect people, however there is much proof that it was beyond just life

experiences. Human nature, not life occurrences, drove him to destroy those inferior and

made him the twist leader he is now famed to be. Hitler is perfect example of the evil

and uncaring human nature that dwells in us all.

Before you ask you’re self if human nature is good or evil I pray you, answer

these questions first; how did cave men and primitive society survive? How did the

human race surpass all other life forms on earth to be the top of the food chain? How did

the United States become its own county? How was the west won? If your answer was

by good natured negotiation your DEAD wrong. The correct answer: killing. Yes the

cave men killed the animals to eat and rule supreme, the colonists killed the British for

independence, and the west was won by killing Indians and their life source, the buffalo.

Evil human nature has driven people to kill, and killing has become a way of establishing

dominance. For instance, the female black widow kills her mate after sex, because she is

establishing superiority and everyone knows that black widows are scary.
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