Human Organ Trafficking Is What We Hear About All The Time Essay

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Human organ trafficking is what we hear about all the time. By hook or by crook, it appears we 've gone calloused and look at it as anything so detached from our reality. Nonetheless, somewhere in the market, real persons are suffering and are going through this designated difficulty.
They 're both forcibly or with consent taken and forced to donate their organs or killed and their organs are harvested. They are individuals whose freedom and rights are trampled on and taken away.
Ways of Getting Organ Transplant
There are legal ways by which a sick patient can get an organ transplant. The only legal way is to find a donor who is willing to let his organ go to save a fellow sick human being. This is usually done by the relative of the patient, while there are also some very kind hearted people who volunteer to donate their organs.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has however imposed a very strict ban on the exchange of human organ for any form of monetary reward. This was mainly due to the emergence of syndicates who take advantage of the desperation of some affluent patients that are desperate for a medical solution to enrich them.
The art of illegal organ trafficking
These cartels involve in what is called “Organ trafficking.” Organ trafficking just refers to the exchange of various human tissues and organs in exchange for an agreed sum of money. What these syndicates do is that they look for people who are usually poverty stricken.
These people are then tricked into
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