Human Piking : Causes And Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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Human Trafficking is in many instances different yet similar to that of human smuggling, one being that human trafficking involves elements of enforcement and harassment where as human smuggling is on many occasions voluntary (Albanese, 2011). Often times these two merge into one, some of those who “voluntarily” choose to be moved from one place to another are sometimes exploited opposed to their original plan and are subjected to become victims of human trafficking (Albanese, 2011). In the book Transnational Crime and the 21st Century, the author Albanese gives us an example of just how human smuggling and human trafficking sometimes overlap each other. He mentioned that it is often common in many countries (i.e., The Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, The Netherlands Antilles, St. Lucia) that women and young girls were frequently misled to believe that they were being promised work. Either as bartenders, sales associates, cashiers, waitresses or dancers only to be informed that as soon as they would arrive to their destination that they would be arranged in prostitution which is a form of human trafficking (Albanese, 2011). Thus, making the “voluntary” aspect of human smuggling nonexistent and it is to be overruled at the discretion of the smuggler (Albanese, 2011).

Cause of Trafficking
Human Trafficking varies from country to country but often begins with the same motivation and that is a better life. Approximately seventy-five to eighty percent of human traffickers force

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