Critically Evaluate Which Criminological Theories Link With The Explanations Given By The Author For Their Crime

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Critically evaluate which criminological theories link with the explanations given by the author for their criminality in the account you have read. Your answer must make reference to specific criminological theories/theorists.
Forsyth, S. (2009). Slave Girl. London: John Blake Publishing Ltd.

Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a popular modern day crime, which comes under the category of slavery. This includes the transport and the trade of other humans, otherwise known as the victims. This is done as a purpose of work. On average the human trafficking industry can equate to $32 billion a year. (SAAS )Around the world, about 2.5 million people are smuggled in to the trafficking industry at any time, according to records from the U.N. (SAAS) A number of humans are smuggled for trafficking on the terms of diversity, and these are for different reasons. Typically men who are trafficked are released into hard labour work with no benefits for themselves, sometimes including the basic human needs. Young boys who are trafficked are released into typically released into the fishing industry and agriculture; this is then leaving the women and the young girls to be released into forced prostitution. HTSM (2007) Not all humans who are smuggled are released into a form of trafficking; however, all humans who are trafficked are victims of slavery. When a human is the process of being trafficked, they would remove them from all familiar surroundings (unknown), and ensure that they

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