Human Relationships In Githa Hariharan

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Indian fiction in English has matured itself over the years. It has become more expressive and experimental, both thematically and stylistically, than ever, and has come to establish itself as an indigenous branch of world literature. With the passage of time novel in English became recognized as an effective vehicle of human relationships in Indian society. Novelists since the formative years of this genre have been exploring through it, human relationships in the complex Indian society. R.K. Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao, Anita Desai, Shashi Despande, Arundhti Roy, Kiran Desai, Jumpha Lahiri, Geeta Mehta, and Githa Hariharan etc., have produced social novels which deal with the theory of human relationships in the traditional and …show more content…

She unties the Gordian knot of complex, extra-marital relationships by her pen, through the concept of human relationships. One can easily understand Indian life, its cultural religious, mythical and social values after comprehending the concept of relationships, which is a strong binding factor for all the Indians belonging to different castes and faiths. Hariharan not only deals with the human relationships as per the town or city paradigm, but she views such relationships in the village and rustic arena too. Her works are mirror of Indian life. Githa Hariharan deals in her fiction with various themes but exploration of human relationships in their myriad dimensions is an important area of Githa Hariharan's interest. Githa Hariharan has presented myriad dimensions of personal relationships through rich and complex characters with compassion. Her novels are full of man-woman, man-man and woman-woman relationships. Hariharan has presented these relationships with full care and sincerity. She has shown how man-made geographical, social, linguistic and cultural barriers come between harmonious relationships. Thus, her novels are complex web of personal relationships. Hariharan has depicted in her novels various ups and downs in man-woman relationships, especially husband-wife relationship. Githa Hariharan in her novels presented personal relationships with a …show more content…

Mother-daughter, grandmother-granddaughter, aunty-niece, sister-sister, cousin sister- cousin sister, mother-in-law to daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law to sister-in-law etc. come under this umbrella of man woman relationships in vast space of personal or interpersonal relationship. In Githa Hariharan`s novels one can find a number of woman-woman relationships in which she focus on mother-daughter, mother in law-daughter in law, sister-sister, cousin sister-cousin sister and grandmother-granddaughter relations with their multiple dimensions. Mother-daughter relationship is the core of woman to woman relationship. Githa Hariharan depicted this relationship with her keen interest. She presents this relationship with various

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