Human Reproductive Cloning Is Immoral And Unnatural

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Amber Cady Human Reproductive Cloning is Immoral and Unnatural Westmoreland County Community College Introduction In some ways, the never-ending scientific possibilities of our time have continued to exceed our expectations. Within the 20th century there has been new medical research on stem cell research, and we have successfully completed organ transplants—more recently face and skin transplants. Without progressions like this from science, many would not be alive today. But when does science take it too far? Is there a moral reason to continue…or a stopping point? If so, who determines where to draw the line? Science has already made it possible to clone an animal (Solter). Now, the idea of cloning humans is within our…show more content…
Another argument has individual worth. Would someone who was born naturally going to be less valuable than a person who was cloned without any defects or flaws? Of course, many ethical concerns have been connected with or lead to other concerns. For instance, the cloning debate relates to the “designer baby” debate, where parents choose certain physical features for their child. This could lead to a domination of the cloned versus those born naturally. It is important to note that this is not a logical fallacy of “slippery slope.” Again, within our last century, medical history has shown how left unchecked, power can result in unethical experiments . One of the most important arguments against cloning has been the probability of the outcome. In past animal cloning attempts, it has been significantly shown that things do not turn out as planned. There have been both unknowns and unknown unknowns that are simply unpredictable as technology has demonstrated. Animals that have been cloned have suffered multiple birth defects, deformities, and ultimately, death (can you cite a source?). There has been inadequate success of cloning animals to ensure that it is entirely safe to perform on humans without a negative or unwanted outcome (cite). This same result could be that we are potentially left
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