Human Resources Outsourcing : Outsourcing

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Abstract The operating environment of enterprise are significantly changing with technology revolution and economic globalization. In order to overcome some indefinite factors of environment and remain competitive benefits, the human resources outsourcing management is facing a tremendous challenge. Human resources outsourcing (HR Outsourcing) one kind of choice provide by human resource service working mode. It is a HR service mode that offer variety human source management outsourcing to third party provider which can improve efficiency, save costs and win the competitive advantages of strategic management of HR. Keywords: Human Resources Outsourcing; HR Outsourcing Service Providers; HR Services; HRO Process Introduction The development forms of human resources outsourcing are later than other forms such as catering, cleaning and security. Shan etc. (2003) mentioned that because of the sensitive of human resources in company, HR outsourcing develops slower than others. What is HR outsourcing? According to, “Human Resources Outsourcing is cooperating with a third- party organization to take some or all of an enterprise’s HR tasks and functions. When small company owners or human resources professionals think about HR, they need to know who else is outsourcing, what kinds of functions can be outsourced, and to whom they should outsource.” Why do we need HR outsourcing? According to a study by The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), the most
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