Current Hr Trends

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Running Head: CURRENT HR TRENDS August 1, 2011 HRM/552 Abstract The current HR trends will be analyzed to determine the impact on labor unions as a result of outsourcing. The trends in union membership, the growth in union membership, the process for organizing a labor union to enter a nonunion company, the impact the current legal environment has on labor unions and companies, the labor movement and the affect of outsourcing, the services HR is outsourcing will be evaluated and the effect HR outsourcing has on organized labor in companies will also be evaluated. Current HR Trends Organized labor has lost many jobs to the practice of outsourcing. A large percentage of these jobs are the manufacturing positions that helped…show more content…
The threat of outsourcing makes it increasingly difficult for unions to organize workers. Two million jobs in the more heavily unionized manufacturing jobs have been lost to China. Outsourcing causes unions to not only lose members, but makes it tougher for unions to organize new members. In 57% of all union drives, employers threaten to move factories if workers unionize, a threat that is very real (Elk, 2010). Corporations have done more to hurt labor than labor has done to hurt itself. The most obvious threat that comes from outsourcing is the diminishing of jobs overall by transferring jobs from the U.S. to overseas. HR Outsourcing Services- Michelle HR outsourcing services reduce cost and free up time for managers of all types of businesses across the U.S. HR outsourcing services can be customized to the company based on the type of workforce and specific needs of the business. Some of the HR outsourcing services include (a) human resources - hr forms setup and compliance, employee orientations and new hire paperwork, (b) payroll services - payroll processing, tax payments and government compliance, (c) employee benefits - benefits administration and invoice reconciliation, (d) workers compensation - workers comp policy setup and safety programs, OSHA compliance and advice, (e) hr training - management training, safety training, conflict resolution, strategy sessions for growth and, (f) timekeeping solutions -
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