Human Rights And The International System

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Understanding Human Rights in the International System Through a Liberal Perspective
Human rights as a topic of study may have a simple, incontestable sound to it, but this is far from the case. Yes, most people will recognize that human beings deserve certain rights, but past that point all opinions begin to split and scatter. As it stands, human rights are an ever changing and complex category of issues. In order to try and make sense of these complex topics, scholars employ a range of theories. Theories act like a lens, helping to organize the analytical process and point people in the appropriate direction. Without the foundation that theory lays out, the thought process, as well as arguments, can quickly become a mess of smaller thoughts, often with contradicting outcomes. In this paper, I will utilize Liberalism to try and understand the nature of human rights as a political issue within the international system.
Human rights and the discussion thereof are complex and dynamic. Human history is filled with the sluggish progression of human rights. The rapid process of ever increasing globalization has helped to speed up the fight for human rights over the last century. However, many obstacles still exist, the most notable being the debate over Universalism and Cultural Relativism. Put simply, Universalism asserts that all rights should be universal (everyone deserves the same rights regardless of sex, race, religion, geographic location, age, etc.). On the…
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