Human Trafficking : A Global Issue

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The African Slave Trade began long ago in the 15th Century, after the Portuguese started exploring the coast of West Africa. It is now six centuries later and we as a human race still cannot say that slavery has ended. Since the onset of African slave trading, trafficking of women and children has since developed and atrociously branched into the trafficking of human organs as well as sex. It wasn 't until several hundreds of years later that the Emancipation Proclamation would be created and signed. President Abraham Lincoln ordered and issued the Emancipation Proclamation as a war measure for the sole purpose of abolishing slavery in the United States during the Civil War. As time passes on, it seems to have been nothing as …show more content…

Despite the century, year, month, day or location of this hideous act of crime toward humans, labor trafficking is wrong. People continue to be deceived and trapped into a contract agreement which leads to nowhere. These contracts are working commitments made by the victims in exchange for freedom, better living conditions, financial security, relief of debt, or anything of importance to them. They always end up believing that if they work for a little bit longer, things will work out in their favor. But in the end, the victims always end up being disappointed. Despite the many actions that are being taken to eradicate labor and human trafficking as a whole, it never seems to be enough or enough to make statistics drop significantly.
In 2000, the United Nations adopted three Protocols under the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Together they would set a system of rules to explain the proper conduct, procedures and consequences of trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants by land, sea and air as well as manufacturing and trafficking firearms. It now finally also recognizes all types of human trafficking as well as the victimization of men (Oyster). It is such a common thought that human trafficking only recognizes women, which is so untrue. Getting closer to current times, in 1949, the United Nations came together for a convention involving

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