Human Trafficking In America Essay

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The Republic of Cabo Verde, also known as Cape Verde, is the Small Island Developing States in which characterized by isolation, prone to natural disasters, repetition of drought, and small business size. According to African Development Bank (2016), weak global economy and domestic vulnerability cause Cape Verde’s economic recovery remains frail. Cape Verde's economy is limited by the difficulties of limited area of island, the lack of mineral resources, and rainfall deficiency; these difficulties vanish the idea of agricultural and natural resources production. As a result, the business tourism, tourism-related foreign investment, and remittance are major contribution to the country’s economy. As tourism has increased since 2013, domestic…show more content…
The Cuban government continues to repress dissent and deject public criticism. Due to its poor record on Human Rights, Cuba is under the inspection of Human Rights Watch. Regarding to the Human Rights, human trafficking is the first issue in Cuba because it is one of source countries for forced labor and sex trafficking. Cuban laws do not appear to penalize the prostitution of children approximately between the ages of 16 to 18. Due to the closed nature of the government and scarce non-governmental informing, the scope of trafficking within Cuba is predominantly difficult to evaluate. Cuba does not completely fulfill with the minimum criteria for the eradication of trafficking and is not making any effort to do so. Consequently, it is placed into tier three. The government only provided information about its general approach to prevent human trafficking, but has not shared information in order to address human trafficking through prosecution, protection, or prevention efforts. Drug trafficking issue is less concern because Cuba has a serious law about it. Economy and health come hand in hand since they are relying on each other. Apparently, Cuba’s main resource to engage in the world is no longer sugar cane. Cuba’s current principal source of revenue is the export of healthcare services to countries such as Venezuela and Brazil. By having decent healthcare services, the health subject is the very least
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