Human Trafficking 's Effects On Families And Its Victims

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Human Trafficking’s Effects on Families and Its Victims Human trafficking is a worldwide problem and can happen anywhere, to anyone, and at any time. Human trafficking is known as “modern day slavery”. In this world, there are two types of human trafficking: labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Because human traffickers mostly target teenagers and young children, friends and families are terrified to think that their loved ones can be taken at any moment. It is devastating to find out if a loved one has been, or is, a victim of human trafficking. The friends and families of the rescued victim(s) can be greatly impacted. The situation can negatively affect a victim’s relationship with family members and/or friends, due to the trauma the victim had/has obtained, the victim(s) must be rehabilitated to live a normal life, and the experience allows the families gain more knowledge on the signs of human trafficking. When a victim of a crime gets rescued, it is very hard for the family and the victim to recover from their horrible experience. Bonds with loved ones can be shattered, broken, and torn. When a victim is home, safe and sound from the terrible incident, they could develop trust issues with family members. The situation fills the room with the stress of being home for the victim, and the loving people around them can feel it too, causing them to react differently from which they would normally react. Their reactions could be just never talking about it and the victim
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