Humane Observation Report

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On Saturday, 10/17/2015, at 17:31 hours, I, Deputy Stacy Stark #1815 was dispatched to a suspicious person call at the Humane Society of Southern Illinois located at 95 Humane Road, Murphysboro, IL 62966. The suspicious person walked around the facility and then walked toward the overpass located just west of the Humane Society. I arrived on scene at approximately 17:45 hours. When I arrived, I spoke briefly with the reporting party. She pointed out the suspicious person’s vehicle parked in the parking lot. The vehicle was a blue Chevrolet 4 door bearing Illinois registration Y802215. The reporting party stated that a male subject walked over to the overpass. From the parking lot of the Humane Society you can see the overpass. The overpass is Highway 13, just west of Wood Road. I advised the reporting party that I was going to walk over to the overpass in attempt to locate the subject. As I began walking towards the overpass, two male subjects were walking back towards the Humane Society. The reporting party stated the subject in the red …show more content…

I also called the Illinois Department of Transportation after hours number in Springfield, IL to inquire about proper technique or acceptable standards for cleaning up the graffiti. The person who answered the telephone stated I would need to contact the local operations for Jackson County. I checked our database for a local contact number. I made contact with an IDOT field technician named Keith Miley. I explained the incident to Miley. I asked about an acceptable cleaning of graffiti on concrete. Miley stated he did not want Cordova or Moreno to return to the scene. Miley wanted the subjects charged. Miley said IDOT would clean the graffiti and send a bill to the suspects. Miley did not want the suspects to return to the scene for reasons of liability. I advised Miley I would tell Cordova and Moreno not to return to the

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