Humanities 130 Hinduism Paper

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Hinduism Paper HUMANITIES 130 Hinduism is a diverse body of religion, philosophy, and cultural practice native to and predominant in India, characterized by a belief in reincarnation and a supreme being of many forms and natures, by the view that opposing theories are aspects of one eternal truth, and by a desire for liberation from earthly evils (GodWeb, n.d.). In this paper I will further explore what the Hindu religion is encompassed of. And delve into what makes the religion of Hinduism vital to the region it is originated in. Hinduism differs from Christianity and other monotheistic religions in that it does not have a single founder, a specific theological system, a single concept of deity, a single holy text, a single…show more content…
In Hinduism the soul is immortal while the body is subject to birth and death. Samsara is considered to be a state of wandering and is caused due to being ignorant of one’s true purpose. This idea is directly linked to karma which means action, and also the consequences of the action. It is said that every action has a reaction and it is believed in the religion of Hinduism that it determines your next incarnation, which is basically being reborn. When the cycle of rebirth comes to an end, a person is said to have attained liberation which is moksha. In other words karma is the results you bring upon yourself, good or bad, based on your actions. And also reincarnation which is the belief that the soul, upon death, comes back to earth in another body or form which gives the soul the chance to resolve all bad karma that it puts out so the soul can eventually be free and gain liberation from the cycle of rebirth. In this paper the religion of Hinduism has been further explored. The societal and cultural influences that have made it vital to the region where it originated have also been touched upon. I have gained major insight into the Hindu religion form this experience. Before this class I never knew that karma and reincarnation were a part of the Hindu religion. And I never thought I would have anything in common with the religion or share any of the same beliefs. I strongly believe in karma

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