Humans Are Extremely Greedy And Selfish Creatures

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Humans are extremely greedy and selfish creatures. Whether or not someone is single, there will always be people who try to get what, and who they want, even at the expense of others. We as humans are naturally attracted to each other, and have many different techniques for showing romantic or sexual interest. In the movie, Fatal Attraction, featuring Glenn Close as Alex, a woman who suffers from borderline personality disorder, shows a possible example of what can happen when one person pursues someone who is in a relationship, and how an affair can lead to disaster. The act of intruding on a couple’s relationship by wooing one of the individuals is called “Mate Poaching.” Although it hasn’t always been called “mate poaching”, the act has…show more content…
Attraction and interest is obvious between the two, but doesn’t prosper until a later date. One weekend, Dan’s wife leaves town to go check out their future house, and while she is away, Dan and Alex have dinner together, and then end up having an ongoing affair over the course of the weekend. Although neither of them are innocent in the situation, I do not believe that Alex is, by any means, trying to further her bloodline when she pursues Dan. She acknowledges during their dinner date that he is taken and says “Why are all of the good guys married?” She knows that he is taken, and continues to flirt and talk to him, even initiating the idea of an affair. Although men try more often to have short term, sexual relationships with women, women are more often successful when they try to do this. In her case, it works. They have lots of sex, talk about pressing issues, and even bond in the park with Dan’s dog. Things quickly turn south nearing the end of the weekend. Dan says that their affair has come to an end, and that he must go home to his family. Up until this point, everything Alex has done has seemingly been evolutionary and normal. Things soon change though, when in an unsuspecting mood swing, brought on by her borderline personality disorder, she attempts to take her life by slitting her wrists with a kitchen knife. What Dan thought was just
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