Human's Obsession with the Pretty One

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Chasing Beauty
Sitting in a bar a few nights ago I noticed two women sitting at a table by themselves. It wasn’t long till a group of four guys asked to join them. As the men pulled up chairs they concentrated heavily to one side of the table. It didn’t take long to figure out they were all pining after the more attractive of the two women. Why does the pretty woman get all the attention and free drinks, and her homely friend blends into the wallpaper? We all know attractive people get treated better. It’s so ingrained in human evolution to chase after attractive qualities, and it shapes our every day lives.
Advertising is a good example of our affinity for beauty. Magazines, television, billboards, and Internet pop up ads use attractive people to sell products. We end up chasing products that we believe will make us healthier, better looking, or covers our physical flaws. They get beautiful models and actresses to make consumers think the product is what makes the models and actresses attractive. This tactic is so effective because it plays on our desire to be attractive. The more attractive we are the better sexual mates we can attract. Martial arts expert Chuck Norris endorses a home workout product called the Total Gym. We see Chuck Norris using the product in the commercials, yet it had nothing to do with the level of fitness he achieved. It doesn’t matter though. We see the extremely fit man using a product so we think if we use it as well we to can be in that kind

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