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Many people regard hummus as the most representative Middle Eastern food. But I have never eaten hummus since I left the Middle East last year. There are several reasons for not having it either in China or in America. It is hard to find hummus in China. People in my area barely know what hummus is, or even chickpeas. After I came back to the US from China, I was able to purchase the hummus in plastic containers in grocery stores, but I didn’t buy any. When I saw the hummus here in the US, I lost my desire to buy and eat because it is hard for me to relate the fresh made hummus to the ones here sitting in the fridge.
So I decided to make my own hummus. I found a recipe online and bought most of the ingredients from local grocery store and Tahini from Black Cherry Mediterranean Market. Putting 3 cans of chickpeas, lemons juice of 2 lemons, a spoon of Tahini, a teaspoon of salt, 2 cloves of garlic, and 2 teaspoons of chickpeas liquid into a mixer. I like a little crunchy hummus better, so I didn’t mix it for a long time. I sprinkled some fried pine nuts and added some olive oil before serving. It tastes much better than the ones I could purchase …show more content…

But when I tried the authentic hummus in the Middle East, I felt those that existed in the US shouldn’t represent real hummus. Just as orange chicken should not be a representative Chinese food. They taste good, but it is hard to be accepted as an important part of the cultures. Whenever I think of hummus after the experience in Middle East, I think of the little plate of hummus with olive oil and different kinds of spices on top, or the little white container of hummus with different colors of toppings you can choose when you ordered to go. Industrialized mass production of hummus here is no more considered as a good middle eastern food in my mind. It is something easy and cheap to get in those local restaurants or sandwich shops, with a not simple of

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