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“Hunger” In the story hunger author Anne Lamott introduces herself and her struggle with food addiction and her battle with eating disorders that she suffered in the early part of her life. In this story she talks about her life how she was growing up, her personal obsession with food, her battle with alcoholism, and addiction to eating. Lamott in the short story hunger also covers her struggle for life with the eating disorder bulimia. The author throughout her story learns that her addiction and her battle with alcoholism were only symptoms of deeper lying problems, and eventually the manner in which she overcame all of that against all odds. The road was not simple but as you …show more content…

Essentially she shows Lamott to experience hunger and to eat when she needs to, I believe it was more important than helping her overcomes her eating disorder but Grozmann showed Lamott how to make decisions for herself and to enjoy life. Before Grozmann helped Lamott, Lamott would only eat when others would or when it was time

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