Hunger is a Globlal Problem Essay

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Hunger is a Globlal Problem

Hunger is a problem, not only in third world countries, but in the Untied States as well. During the time that the United States experienced one of its longest economic growths, one in every ten households experienced hunger by a lack of food (Nutrition Concepts and Controversies). According to a 1995 national survey 4.1 percent, or 4.2 million, of all United States households experienced hunger (Could There Be Hunger In America? 1). Of the 4.1 percent of these Americans, 300,000 are hungry children. In September 1997 the United States Census Bureau released data that indicated that 36.5 million Americans, or 13.7% of the American population, had lived in poverty in 1996 (Could There Be Hunger In
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What kind of solution do we need to prevent an increase in the number of hungry people? Are there solutions at the present time that could reduce these numbers? How can we feed so many hungry people and still protect the earth?

Controlling the population
According to the population division of the United Nations, the human population will increase in the year 2025, to reach 8.47 billion people (Eco World). One can only assume that by the year 2025 the human population will exceed the earth's natural resources and its capacity. The number of humans on earth will greatly threaten the human race as a whole, by placing increased pressure on the environment with more people using more resources. With the population growth increasing so rapidly can we control it, or will it control use?
One must first understand that the population growth is a great contributor to poverty and hunger, and vise versa. As the populations grows so does the hunger, and so increases the poverty level. The first step is to control population growth, by doing so we can start to relieve poverty and hunger. What can be done to slow the population growth, which in turn will help to lower the numbers of hungry humans?
There are several contributing factors associated will the population growth rate, and poverty. The first step in slowing the population growth is to start to eliminate poverty. One way of reducing poverty would be to improve the standard of living of

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