Hunting And Fishing: My American Experience

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Hunting and fishing is my American experience. I’ve been fishing and hunting my whole life.
I’ve went hunting and fishing with my family. We go to a campsite and fish and i would go out to my grandpas to go hunting. Hunting and fishing does not really change through the generations. The laws sometimes change.

Age 9-13 I caught a big bass from the bridge i was fishing over the bridge and i was using worms. I casted my pole and waited for a fish to bite, Then a couple minutes later i got a fish on and it was hard to reel in but then my dad helped me and i got it in. Found out it was a bass and a keeper. I was super happy and proud of myself.

Age 14 I went fishing on the big lake, Me and my dad were on a big boat, we had 6 poles in the water
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