Hunting and Wolves Essay

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Yaranely Chaidez D. Tantalo English 101 Essay 3 29 October 2012 Wolves in Danger Wolves have unique features; they are smart, sly, and curious, but for many hunters they kill them for their fur. Hunters take wolves and kill them for their fur. For example, the residents of Alaska have the idea that killing wolves are okay. Well, this horrendous and vile act that they are committing should be illegal. This act that they are doing is putting the fate of wolves in a dangerous place and they will be promoting their extinction if they continue doing this. “Killing Wolves”, by Sherry Simpson will give some examples of the acts these people do in order to kill many of these wolves that are defenseless, and yet get killed; almost to…show more content…
In the article Petersen’s Hunting, Bob Robb gives six reasons why they should kill wolves. His first statement is that there are “too many wolves”. This is false since the hunters made sure to almost extinct the wolves. Next his second and third points are “wolves are decimating ungulate populations” and “deer and elk are hiding”. A wolf's diet consists of ungulates; which are large, hoofed animals, but hunters, for the sake of not dragging an entire dead deer or elk out into the wilderness, will usually bring cuts of meat from larger prey or meat from smaller prey, wolves will eat gladly (Fuller). These wolves are helping the hunter by not carrying such a heavy load. His fourth is “wolves love ‘muffy’”. This is right, but if these hunters left them alone and would not make them run to these certain situations these wolves would have the urge to have a meal whether it may be livestock or a domesticated animal. Robb’s last two statements are “wolves are poster-boy animals” and “continued litigation”. He says that organizations just tell the government what the hunters are doing to the wolves and they gain money from them. This is false since not only do the organizations provide valid facts and proof to the government to protect the wolves. These hunters just want the
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