Hurricane Harvey Case Study

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Hurricane Harvey has proven to be one of the most detrimental natural disasters in U.S. history. Harvey has dumped an estimate of 27 trillion gallons of water on Texas as well as Louisiana and the flooding has continued to affect large areas of Texas. This has caused at the very least, $23 billion dollars of property damage analyzed by satellite imagery. This number however represents the market value and not the storm damage which is known to be an extremely small percentage of what the storm can reach since the flooding is incomplete, shown by satellite image as well. The satellite imagery has been compiled and researched by the University of Colorado. They have gathered that there is flooding across 234 square miles of Harris country as well as 51 square miles of Galveston Country. This weighs in as one-eighths of each county’s land are and over 285 square miles of flooding overall. Of all the flood imagery, the property parcel maps found that the flooding had engulfed at least 30,000 properties within just the two counties. Of that only 26% was deemed as land value and 18% was residential property affected. The estimates of Harvey’s economic impact vary, AccuWeather has predicted that the storm will be the most expensive in U.S. history at …show more content…

There are going to be an extensive amount of scenarios that all lead to residents seeking claims through insurance, environmental contaminations, and extreme infrastructure damages that require replacements. A big impact has also been to the oil and gas industry. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement estimated that 10% of manned oil platforms within the Gulf needed to be evacuated and the fallout of that is still being determined since the gas prices have just started to rise. However, while all these facts are extremely alarming, the U.S. has taken hits like this from far bigger hurricanes and we always find a way to

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