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Hurricanes, A Natural Disaster! COM/215 May 3, 2011 Hurricanes, A Natural Disaster! According to (2011) a hurricane is “A storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone…a wind of force 12 on the Beaufort scale (equal to or exceeding 64 knots or 74mph). As I read through the National Hurricane Center website by NOAA, our National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration it shares with us what a hurricane is, and how it reaches hurricane status. A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone, which is generic term for a low pressure system that generally forms in the tropics. The cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms and, the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth’s…show more content…
The extent of Hurricane occurrences has escalated many folds during the last two decade; many scientists are stating global warming to be the major factor causing the rise in the frequency at which these Hurricanes are hitting hugely populated coastal areas. Barometric pressure: The pressure exerted by the atmosphere at a given point (as measured by a barometer). It can be measured in millibars or inches of mercury, among others. Watching a barometer for a drop in atmospheric pressure helps forecasters determine when a hurricane is approaching Disturbances typically emerge every three to four days from the coast of Africa as tropical waves that consist of areas of unsettled weather The hurricane categories1-5 are given below for you, so as to give a clearer understanding. The hurricane category charts, have been divided into 5 categories, each showing the wind surge and the level of destruction caused to housing areas and buildings. |Categories and Wind |Effect of Winds on Life and Property |Surge of the Hurricane | |Velocity | | | |Cat-1 / 74-95 mph |"Flying debris could injure or fatly wound people, livestock and small animals. Mobile homes|4-5 Ft:
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