Husband And Wife Had A Child Together

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In 1975, Husband and Wife had a child together. At the time, Wife possessed a high school diploma, some job training, and was employed as a “temp.” Upon the birth of her first child, Husband initially denied paternity. After the circuit court determined paternity, the parties married in 1979 in Baltimore City. Together, the couple had three children. The arrangement between the parties was that Wife would contribute to the relationship as a “stay at home mom” while Husband was primarily responsible for the financial contributions to the family. The couple originally lived together in their home in Harford County. In 1995, however, the couple was separated when Husband moved out of the family home and into an apartment in Baltimore City. Upon the couple’s separation, the couple’s children resided with Wife in the Harford County home. Further, after Husband moved away, he continued to support Wife financially by paying the mortgage and other utilities. In 1997, Husband returned to the family home and demanded that Wife find a new residence. In exchange for Wife’s acquiescence in vacating the home, the parties agreed that Husband would provide temporary alimony until their divorce was finalized. The agreement between the parties read as follows: Pending the execution of a final divorce decree between Richard K. Jones (“Richard”) and Sheila E. Jones (“Sheila”), Richard hearby agrees to provide Sheila with certain biweekly temporary alimony payments. Effective July

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